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Please Don't Support My Business!!!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Have you ever been minding your business (no pun intended) scrolling along on Facebook or Instagram and BOOM!!!!! It happens. It’s usually in all caps or some other obnoxious large and angry fonted-meme and it goes like this, to paraphrase:


What they’re saying is that after begging people to buy I mean “marketing” their goods or services--often a new business venture that they are justifiably excited about--on their personal Facebook page, none or few of their friends and family have purchased from them.

Each and every time I see one of these posts my head explodes.

Not just because the sentiment is selfish, whiny and annoying BUT moreso because these posts just punctuate how little the poster aka ‘business person’ understands about how we really build a business and generate sales.

Ask yourself, honestly:

  • Are my friends and family REALLY my market?

  • Why did I sign up for on this social media platform initially?

  • More importantly, why did THEY sign up?

Remember: It’s a PERSONAL social media account.

Often when we log into our personal social media accounts, it’s NOT to go shopping. We’re logging on to catch up with friends and loved ones and see what may be happening in current events, watch some cat videos or if you follow me, on Fridays and Mondays, dance dance party videos or have a political argument with your co-worker’s Aunt Sally.

BUT we’re not logging on to shop.

Now, quick pause, yes, if you know of retargeting and Facebook pixels that lead to those fire shoes you found on Amazon but didn’t buy that are now following you around the internet, then you understand that there are effective ways to sell along your timeline, HOWSOEVER, typically sifting through innumerable messages by our personal connections selling the same thing over and over is not going to lead to many sales or be effective after the initial ‘supporters’ make their purchases.

More questions for self:

  • Are you annoying your friends/family/followers and just selling based on your product’s or services’ attributes versus its benefits?

  • Can you solve a pain or are your posts causing pain?

  • Are you defining ‘support’ solely as ‘purchasing’?

It Ain't About The Money

News Alert!!!! There are many ways for a person to support your business that do not involve her credit card.

She may share your post or website or tell people about you and your new venture. In fact, for most people, word-of-mouth referrals are the MOST effective way of generating new sales.

Quid Pro Quo?

And here’s the kicker...that I’ve found out the hard way. When some people ‘support’ your business they actually expect something in return.

When someone makes a purchase from you because they need or want what you offer that is a transaction and exchange of value or pure energy. Your good or service for their cash. Both parties perceive a benefit. BUT when someone supports you by doing what they perceive to be a favor for you, he may want something in return.

And what’s worse, you may feel a sense of obligation and that could take the form of you saying yes to him asking for discounts that you know are deeper than you’re able to provide and have a sustainable business. When people think they are doing you a favor by ‘supporting’ your business it can lead to them taking liberties with you and your time.

What is ideal? Sales, not support. And it’s simple:

  1. Identify your market

  2. Find out where your market hangs out (online or off) and meet them there

  3. Define the pain point or pleasure that your product or service addresses for your market

  4. Tell them about it

  5. Let them know how they can pay you

  6. There are no more steps, except...REPEAT!

Let me tell you, when you are strategic and intentional about your marketing people will literally throw money at you!

Why? Because you are giving them exactly what they want! Exactly what they need and have been waiting for. And bonus NO ONE CAN DO WHAT YOU DO THE WAY THAT YOU DO IT. So they may even pay you MORE than someone else. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Are you selling to your ideal market? Email me and let me know! michelle@herpower.space I love hearing from you! #weallwin

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